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Massive lead generating ad campaign

Lead generation is sometimes an arduous and annoying process when you're also running the business itself. When you add in PPC or social media ads, the time sink and learning curve often aren't worth it.

Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching, a mental healthcare provider located in Alabama, asked us to help them generate leads for their web seminars. Here's how we managed to generate over 200 qualified leads, and create revenue generating funnels for them.

For this project we utilized a paid social media strategy focused on primarily on the Facebook advertising platform.

The Client

Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching (LTC) is a leading mental healthcare provider that helps people to reach their goals and strengthen their relationships. They just launched a new program that was focused at helping couples struggling with their newfound "closeness" due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Client Problem

Having been in business for many years and having a penchant for wanting to help people in need as much as possible – the owner wanted to productize one of his latest offerings. 

Due to the pandemic, a move toward tele-health was made and LTC found itself in a position to aid a wider range of people. But, the problem they faced was how best to reach this new, and extremely large, audience.

Previously, LTC had run ads on social media with little success. Utilizing boosted posts and small budget brief campaigns, brought little more than a few post likes, but no leads with a true interest in spending their money. Worst still, their landing pages were lacking when it came to being setup for conversions.

A double whammy in terms of budget waste.

Boosted posts on any platform are generally a waste of ad spend, especially so on Facebook. You give up the true power of targeting, and re-targeting, audiences who would be most responsive to your content or product. A serious marketing effort will consist of audience targeting, re-targeting and lookalike audiences.
Every marketer knows a great landing page is the key to campaign success. If a page lacks proper calls-to-action, or unclear in its initial value proposition then no amount of money you throw at it will help.
One of the main factors in abandoned carts and lack of conversions is a non-streamlined checkout process. Unless your product is essential, a long, multi-step checkout is just going to frustrate your customer.

Our Solution

We took a careful look at previous ad campaigns, analytics data, and did an audit of their social media profiles in order to get a feel of what we were up against. What we found was a general issue in targeting the proper audience.

Our first solution was to shore up and redesign or create landing pages that will entice LTC's prospective clientele to act on their productized offerings. The design of these pages were made to ensure the value proposition was known immediately and if they weren't sold immediately, they'd be sure to take action by mid-way down the page.

For consumers who were still on the fence, we created a lead magnet that ensured email capture.

With properly setup landing pages with streamlined checkout processes in place, we began to run our paid social media advertisements.

With the creatives we wanted to ensure we capitalized on the quick scrolling Facebook feed and capture interest immediately. We A/B tested multiple creatives with different imagery that would speak to the prospective audience and take them to the landing pages. Once those visits were tracked we re-targeted those visitors depending on the action they took on the pages. With our advanced tracking softwares we were able to generate a massive lead generating machine!

When all of our efforts were said and done, we generated 200+ qualified leads who would convert at some point through at least one of LTC's funnels.

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