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Debora Balardini

A beautiful digital representation of a full life and career.
Modern. Clean. Perfect representation.

A lot of people think of a website as a simple, static piece of content that is simply a website. However, a website is a lot more than that. A website is a complex product that includes content, design, and functionality.

The most common question we get asked when we're building websites for clients is "how long did it take?" Websites are notoriously hard to estimate, with many factors influencing the final result.  The most important factors that determine how fast a website will take to build are the skills of the designer and developer involved, the quality of the layout and content, the number of pages, the types of information being hosted, and the number of hours the developer works on the site.

With this website we were able to deliver a stunningly beautiful and functional website and left room for the client to grow and scale.

Every brand has a story to tell

As a multi-talented auteur the client wanted a better representation of her body of work. TopOut Group provided that.
Clean. Fast.

Blazing fast code that scores with CWV and other pagespeed analytics tools.

Beautifully Functional

Functionally booking appointments, showcasing work, and providing services.

Easy to Use

Visually beautiful and easy to add content to and showcase work.


A site that's beautiful and functional on every device size.

Hover or tap (mobile) to scroll

Fully functional
Digital Voice
Business happens on and offline

The business that works hard offline starts working hard online too. The first step is understanding the importance of an online presence for the business. The online presence serves as an entry point for the business to connect with new customers. Our client had a need for a robust event calendar to showcase upcoming events. We provided that and more.

A blog speaks for you 24/7

The purpose of a blog is to communicate. It is a tool used to reach a specific audience, and, as a result, a blog serves as a marketing tool as well as a source of information. Depending on your niche, it can be a great way to reach out to people and build your brand. Our build allowed for the client to display and create content in an eye-catching and modern way.

Sell services to the right audience

It's a fact: as a small business owner or freelancer, you can make or break your business based on the quality and relevance of your product. And given the plethora of tools and services we have available, we're often tempted to just select the first one we find and call it a day. The problem with that approach is that it can leave you without a product that is actually optimized for the audience you want to reach. For this client we were able to find a happy medium to display her services available.

If you are not getting the results you need, it's not the process, it's the agency. Let TopOut Group help you. We follow detailed processes to get our clients the best results possible.