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You got a 5 star review! Now what?

One of the best feelings in the world is acknowledgement from a customer or client when they leave you a five-star review. It’s validation of all your hard work, and shows your dedication to providing the best service possible.

Mixed review for established brand

But what now? Maybe a quick ‘thanks’ reply to it if it was sent via email or on social media (Google My Business included)?

With reviews being such a huge part of our lives, as a business owner its imperative you make use of that free publicity as soon as possible.

There are a ton of different avenues you can take to use those great reviews:

  1. Use the reviews in social media as testimonials
  2. Incorporate them into your product pages. Remind people why they’re buying from you!
  3. Create brand loyalty by adding incentive for a review. Who doesn’t love discount codes!?
  4. Use the review as a gateway to further generation of UGC (user generated content). Do you sell a product that customers can wear or is otherwise tangible? Get a video review/testimonial!

These are just a few of the things you can do with a review. Though there are many other things you can and should do, you definitely need to do at least one.

Once you choose your method of utilizing (display) the reviews you collected, you might be thinking about how to collect more. If you aren’t already automating this process, its definitely something to consider. There are many options to choose from as the review economy has become extremely robust with many offerings from Endorsal, Repuso, Reputon, and those are just the options that offer text only testimonial collection!

Other options like VideoPeel, offer the option to collect high quality video testimonials. Think of all the UGC you could be using to show visual proof of your products quality!

Example VideoPeel recording
Video reviews/testimonials are great for marketing

The main thing I’d like you take away is that reviews are just as valuable to you and your business as sales. In fact they’re likely to generate sales!

Do you already use a review/testimonial collection tool? If so, which one and why? Drop a comment and let us know!

Disclaimer: Some links in this article contain affiliate links where TopOut Group earns commission from you signing up. None of these recommendations or opinions are due to any affiliation with said companies.

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