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Last Updated 2 years ago

Top 4 Things Your eCommerce Brand Isn't Doing

You've just started your online store, or you've brought your brick and mortar store into the Internet age (how'd you manage to not be online for so long!?), and you've been putting up your products for potential customers to buy. But now you're finding for some odd reason, people aren't flocking to your products and rushing to hand you their hard earned cash.

Sound familiar to you?

Don't worry, your products are still great, and so are you. You're probably just making a few marketing mistakes that are easy to fix and are sure to attract your target audience. First, and probably easiest fix, is to spice things up!

1. Store product descriptions with no pizazz


You're a consumer, just as much as you're an awesome eCom business owner. You've seen both good and bad descriptions of products. You've seen stores that have 1000-word product descriptions and a plethora of product images, and ones with 100-words and a single picture, or no picture at all.

Which is right?

There's no wrong answer (there is though), but in a world where your target audience is being bombarded by competitor content, you certainly don't want to be the store that's caught lacking.

Content is king, and a good production description is good content.

If your store isn't already utilizing blog posts, your product descriptions are the only chance for you to implement search engine optimization practices. Obviously content marketing will be a big boon to your site showing up in search engine results and you should see an uptick in your Google Analytics once you start.

2. Poor social media promotion

Your site is great, you paid your developer and they were happy to work with you and get it done. Site looks great, product descriptions are grade-A.

But there's only trickles of traffic.

Probably because you forgot to promote your products, or let people know you launched a new product.

Marketing is your insurance to bring people from all around. Since everyone is on social media right now, your marketing efforts there need to speak to your consumer where they're at.

Throw effort behind creating exciting IG stories and posts if you're a fashion or makeup brand. Take amazing shots of your latest piece of clothing for Pinterest.

Make your marketing memorable.

More importantly utilize all of your social channels.

Did you know email is considered a social channel?

Your email list is a prime contact point for your current customers, and prospective customers who signed up to receive emails from you. Email marketing is also probably the place you're most likely to gain traction when it comes to driving traffic and conversions.

3. No way for customer to quickly get an answer to their question

What's worse than having a question?

Having a question and having to wait an hour or more to get an answer.

If your eCommerce business isn't leveraging chat bot technology, to either handle FAQ or for live chat, then you're causing a GIANT hurdle for consumers to get to checkout.

Why should an e-commerce store use a chatbot?

An e-commerce store using a chatbot has a lot of advantages, such as:

  1. saving money for customer service calls
  2. increasing conversion rates
  3. improving customer satisfaction
  4. reducing customer support costs
  5. reducing the number of abandoned carts

Of course a small shop can't have a 24/7 live chat and response like Amazon, or Wal-mart, but with chat bot technology accelerating as fast as it is -- there's no reason you can't have a bot answer a quick question.

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4. Not optimizing your store product descriptions for SEO

How do you get customers to find your eCommerce shop and products?

Unless you're always promoting and have a following of loyal customers, it's likely you're waiting for someone to put your relevant keywords into Google to find your store filled with awesomeness.

Sometimes you feel you've done everything right, and still they never come.


You forgot that your product descriptions are a large chunk of the content for your store. Make them standout, and make sure they have keywords that'll bring people to your store!

If you are running a store with a blog section, consider a guest post every now and then to boost your content marketing campaign. This can be a great idea if you've already monetized your social media following and have engaged with influencer marketing.

Product reviews also end up being a huge content boost. If your store is properly setup, did you know Google will use your product reviews to show star ratings when someone does find your product via search?

This turns your products in organic traffic drivers. You've got them, might as well put them to work as lures for customers searching for relevant content. Not only that, they're user-generated content you don't have to ask for!

That means you're getting content you can use in Facebook ads, and social media posts. Help you fill out that social media calendar a bit better.

We hope these four tips help you out in your e-commerce traffice procurement journey, and offer you some things to consider when optimizing your marketing strategy. 

All in all, the most important thing to remember is that your brand isn’t just about you. It’s also about what it stands for and how people perceive it. If you want to build a successful business online, then you need to make sure that you are doing everything possible to ensure that your customers have an enjoyable experience when they visit your website.

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