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64th Street Beach Drummers

Non-profit using music and the drum circle to reach Chicago youth.
Drumming For A Change

The non-profit organization 64th St Beach Drummers services the Chicago area and is dedicated to building community through youth music education and performance. On any given night, you can find the sounds of drums echoing through the streets of Chicago. Founded by percussionist Frederick D. Alexander and Juliet M. Jones, the group encourages young people to partake in music rather than let the life around them bring them down.

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The hallmark of any non-profit is to be able to easily take donations.


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For non-profits, the process of soliciting donations online is challenging for a number of reasons. First, if you have a website, you have an account with an online payment processor, but there are many payment processors—all with their own rules, limitations, and costs. The best way to handle this is to have a solution that will work with many different payment processors. That's exactly what we did, and give our client the choice of which processor they work with.

Keeping the community and donators informed

Non-profits often have great blogs, but they usually don't get the recognition they deserve. Organizations like the 64th Street Dancers, the New York City Ballet, the Central Park Conservancy, and the Boston Ballet are able to get millions of hits per month, but only because the people behind them are great writers. For this client, we knew a place they could write articles that let the world know what they were accomplishing was as big and loud as their loudest drum was absolutely necessary.

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WordPress is a platform, not a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS provides you with a way to manage and publish your content on the web. The platform itself is a platform like Apple, Android, Windows, or Linux. What you make with the Wordpress platform is entirely up to you. We used Wordpress to empower and future proof The Original Sixty Fourth Street Beach Drummers through their website.

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