Hartness Home-goods

Hartness Home-goods partnered with TopOut Group to elevate their e-commerce platform from Square to WooCommerce. This transition enabled them to incorporate advanced custom features and improve overall user experience, setting the stage for significant business growth.
E-Commerce Migration Done Right

When Hartness Home-goods decided it was time to scale new heights, they turned to TopOut Group. We transitioned their site from Square’s e-commerce platform to WooCommerce, ensuring a seamless ascent to a more powerful and flexible online store.

To ensure Hartness Home-goods’ customers enjoyed a top-tier shopping experience, we implemented multiple custom features. From a sleek pop-out cart and convenient wish list to a countdown to free shipping and a tailored checkout process, every element was designed for a smooth climb to satisfaction.

Navigating the post-purchase process can feel like traversing an unknown trail. That’s why we implemented automated shipping tracking for Hartness Home-goods. Their customers now enjoy real-time updates, ensuring they’re always on track and never lost in the journey.

TopOut Group equipped Hartness Home-goods with a powerful coupon and discount system. This feature allows for flexible and creative promotions, ensuring their customers always have a reason to return—like finding the perfect foothold on a challenging climb.

Every brand has a story to tell

Gotta look good from all angles. Being ready to elevate their e-commerce game and recognized the need for a more robust, flexible platform to support their growing business. Their existing Square platform limited their ability to offer advanced features and provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers. To stay competitive and meet the evolving demands of their market, a transition to WooCommerce was essential. This move allowed them to integrate custom features, enhance user experience, and streamline post-purchase processes, ultimately driving higher customer satisfaction and increased sales. The project was a crucial step in scaling their business and positioning Hartness Home-goods for sustained growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.
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Custom Built

Features to incentivize customers to convert.

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Functionality to help customers quicken future purchases.

Reduce Support

Features to get customers to self-service easily.

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Platform Transition
User Experience
Streamlined Experience
From Square to WooCommerce

Hartness Home-goods trusted TopOut Group to lead their site migration from Square to WooCommerce. We handled the heavy lifting, ensuring a seamless transition that was as efficient and smooth as a well-planned ascent. The result? An e-commerce platform ready to tackle new peaks of success.

Custom Features

TopOut Group designed and implemented custom features that made Hartness Home-goods’ online store a joy to navigate. With a pop-out cart, wish list, countdown to free shipping, and a tailored checkout process, every customer interaction is optimized for ease and satisfaction, ensuring a climb free of obstacles.

Automated Tracking and Discounts

TopOut Group enhanced the post-purchase experience for Hartness Home-goods with automated shipping tracking and a powerful coupon system. Customers stay informed about their orders and enjoy enticing discounts, making every interaction a step toward long-term loyalty.

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