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Music Artist Social Boost

In many industries a social media presence is becoming increasingly important. This has never more been the case than recently, and especially so for entertainers who haven’t been able to do their large scale venue shows due to COVID-19.

So how does an entertainer (or a business owner) engage, keep their fans interested, and grow their audience?

With thorough market research, TopOut Group experts built a winning social media strategy that helped an entertainer focus on his target audience, and organically build up a loyal Instagram following.

The Client

A multi-dimensional and respected artist with a rabid local following needed a booster shot for his social media accounts. While the client was apart of multiple platforms, the followers were extremely un-engaged on every platform, with Instagram being the most active – both on his part, and his followers/fans.

Client Problem

Social media is hard. Especially when you don’t have the time to manage your social media accounts yourself. And let’s be honest, if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or just someone who has a lot on their plate – you don’t have the time to dedicate just to social media management.
What's the use of social media if no one socializes? This is the predicament this artist found himself in.
Client posted frequently but got little to no interaction. No shares, few likes – an all around waste of time. Posted far too closely and not when his audience was active.
Client would promote sparingly and too infrequently for his audience to know when a new project was available, or new merchandise.

Our Solution

After identification, it was time to get down to business and strategize how best to solve the problem of engagement! Everybody loves something free! What’s a better driver for engagement than a contest!? You’d be hard pressed to find something better. A simple contest with a few pieces of swag, we were able to generate 140% more engagement from the client’s userbase. On social media, people are generally bombarded with sales pitches – you’ve got to be clear on the value provided by your product. Contests provide you multiple opportunities.
  1. Get your product to an active and engaged audience
  2. Potential for quick testimonial collection and turnaround
  3. Give incentive for social media referral
Custom, efficient, and targeted posting schedule Scaling back from posting up to 15 times per day, down to 3 posts per day. 3 posts with specific and targeted messaging. Gave the audience a sense of knowing when content is coming. Whereas before, it was a chaotic rush of constant content. Not so spammy anymore! Sales with a purpose One of the biggest challenges to turnaround was the effective campaign outreach for merchandise and shows. This problem was multi-layered because the client didn’t want to run ads, and Instagram doesn’t allow links in photo captions. Our solution was to utilize a microsite (think Linktree, or our favorite Liinks) and use captions as CTA’s to check the bio link. With the microsite we were able to highlight latest merchandise, other social media platforms, and featured web content.
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