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Comprehensive Security Audits

Stay ahead of malicious actors

A lot has changed in the cyber security industry since we first began our security audits. In fact, it's been a year since we started offering this service. In that time, we've seen a lot of security breaches. Big and small. News headlines from companies from all around the world have been filled with stories of data breaches, from small companies, to the Fortune 500, and to small, one-person startups. The need to shore up security from the start is needed from the start; and we can help with that.

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Protect your API's before its made public

In order to protect API's from being exploited, you can use a systematic framework called 'Test Driven Security' or TDS for short. Before you open your application to the public, make sure you are protecting your API's using our AI-based testing.

Integrate with your developer tools

We've seen a lot of people face challenges with integrating with the developer tools and services they use and we want to reduce those challenges. Our tool integrates with many CI/CD pipelines and can ensure secure code before it's made public.

Industry vulnerability lists

Identify vulnerabilities documented by OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25. The vulnerability details include the version of the software, the nature of the vulnerability, the type of vulnerability, and the severity of the vulnerability. We use all of this to protect your site or app.

Don't let holes in your code expose your users

Most breaches have an underlying weakness at the front-end. Most breaches don't occur because of poor security controls on the back end. Instead, they're an outcome of a failure in risk management at the frontend.

Web security is becoming increasingly important, both to the general public and for the IT community. We're all becoming more aware of the risks of data theft, fraud, and even physical harm. Unfortunately, attackers are also becoming more sophisticated at exploiting weaknesses in technology. As security professionals, it's your job to protect your profession's data, resources, and network resources. But how do you make sure all of this happens without negatively impacting your productivity?

The internet has seen a lot of data breaches over the years, but their number is dropping thanks to the efforts of security companies that are constantly innovating to make the internet safer. We're aiming to help our clients not end up on the wrong end of data breaches by offering a comprehensive end-to-end service.

Don't become a statistic

Let's look at some numbers. Last year, over 1.2 billion records were exposed to cybercriminals through attacks, which is up year-over-year.

Don't become the next headline and become reknowned for allowing a data breach.

Let us secure your website or application today.

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